Another Everything Update…

Run down of this semester, reminder of who my roommates are, and a couple of good dating stories. … More Another Everything Update…


A Mid-semester Night’s Dream

My life usually resembles a chick flick, eliciting much eye-rolling and face-palming, but somehow my dating life turned into a multilayered farce over the last few weeks. Just like Shakespeare’s characters, I have no idea what I am doing. … More A Mid-semester Night’s Dream

Boys and Business

How do you convince a guy to text you every day and hangout with you every week without giving him the wrong idea? Why would you want that, Katie? If you want that much interaction you must like him! False. There are circumstances were frequent platonic exchanges between two single people can mean nothing. Learning … More Boys and Business

Party On

Whoa it’s been a while! Ahh, so many thoughts and so little time (my patience for writing only holds out so long). Consequently, I’m going to take a thematic approach and focus specifically on my social excursions of the last two weekends. Because that’s what we really care about, right? (That tends to be the … More Party On


Do you like your roommates? How many do you have? What is your ward like? How do you get to school? How long does it take? What are you learning in your classes? Are you working? … More FAQ