Flying? Or Falling with Style?

I have never experienced a panic attack but the other day was the closest I have come to wondering if it was about to happen. I was my happy, cheerful self with the usual panic tucked away but I started to feel like I was going to be sick. … More Flying? Or Falling with Style?


Boys and Business

How do you convince a guy to text you every day and hangout with you every week without giving him the wrong idea? Why would you want that, Katie? If you want that much interaction you must like him! False. There are circumstances were frequent platonic exchanges between two single people can mean nothing. Learning … More Boys and Business

Party On

Whoa it’s been a while! Ahh, so many thoughts and so little time (my patience for writing only holds out so long). Consequently, I’m going to take a thematic approach and focus specifically on my social excursions of the last two weekends. Because that’s what we really care about, right? (That tends to be the … More Party On